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Aerial View of a Houses


Our mixed-use design philosophy puts forth buildings with simple, yet sophisticated forms combined with a focus on vibrant color palettes, high contrast materials, and creative details.


We believe that mixed-use architecture explores the full potential of what one structure can achieve, particularly in urban environments. It builds a sense of community by serving several different requirements at one time and attracting a diverse crowd of people. Additionally, it can build an ecosystem in which one function feeds into and supports another.

By serving multiple functions, we try to fully utilize the mixed-use programme by serving a larger purpose of invigorating public space. The simple combination of standard urban programs under a single roof goes a long way in creating more dynamic urban landscapes.

Our approach focuses on:
more efficient use of site footprints
the smooth integration of private and public functions
generating creative living solutions within dated zoning restrictions
invigorating dead pockets of the city, and creative uses for old buildings

As we embrace the increase in Auckland’s density, we think that it's safe to say that mixed-use is the future of this city’s urban architecture.

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