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Aerial View of a Houses


We provide advice on the process of dividing a parcel of land or a building into one or more further parcels, or changing an existing boundary location. Although subdivision does not itself alter the way land is used, those who subdivide land will almost inevitably be doing so to alter the land use.


Land subdivision creates separate and saleable certificates of title, which can define an existing interest in land (including buildings) and impose limitations on landowners or occupiers for how the land can be used or developed, through conditions and consent notices imposed under s108 and 220 of RMA. Subdivision also provides the opportunity for a council to require land to be vested and reserve and other financial contributions to be taken to provide necessary infrastructure.

Subdivision continues to be an excellent investment option in New Zealand.

Subdividing could enable you to:

1. Create a home and income by utilising extra land that you aren’t using. Get your kids on the property ladder or fund your retirement.
2. Knock down your existing dwelling and develop multi units to sell or rent. Become a developer!
3. Sell your property with approved plans at a higher value. Developers are more interested in buying property with approved plans!

However, If you don’t have expertise or experience with land development, subdividing your land could get expensive very quickly. For example, council consent requirements and changing rules may need to be addressed and helped with. That’s where we come in!

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